Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A sad day for sports :(

I say sports (and not cricket) because, sports was considered to be a healer between two warring nations, people and democracies. You could see people enjoying, sitting together whenever India and Pakistan played and everyone had only one motive. To enjoy the game in its truest of spirits. And now, with the game itself being attacked by some mindless idiots, Where does this lead to ?? What does this mean? Taking the classic case of Pakistan. It had been 14 months since they had played a test on home soil. And Sri Lanka had agreed to play. Expectations were high, people finally had chance to watch their most favorite game. With these terrorist attacks, Nations will stop sending their sports team to Pak . This leads to Pak being isolated and eventually most of us might even forget that a Pak cricket team existed. Pretty sad for a nation which has so many cricketing heroes.
There must be some solution to this. These horrific killings need to be stopped.
How? When? Who? We can't keep waiting for things to recover, We have to move forward and stop this. I don't know how this can be done, but will certainly think in that direction.

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aerogramme said...

yeah abhi.. those are sad moments for an innocent cricket in pakistan... it's everone's responsible to move and rise their own voice against this kind of inhumanic poised actions. not only sports, we have to think about peace of the society without respect to religion, cast,land,cost etc.. we belongs to this mother earth, as a childern of this mother earth, we have a great responsiblites ahead as a fellow humans for the growth of kind envirnment.

may BE as a common men, we can't do anything against this kind of voilence presented in the name of god. i personally don't believe or accept the words religion, cast and etc..etc.. idiot thing.

all this never made a human, we are only responsible for ourselves( generally v call MANSSAKSHI )...
let everyone of us take a great responsiblity for the growth of peace in the world.
i love a dialouge in one of the movei called SWADESH..
" GIVING LIGHT TO NEIGHBOUR'S HOUSE " i complitely believe this sentence, b'coz we never bouther about others we only think about our needs, this kind of living sence always push back a country or a system, and produces all kind of voilence..
hope one day the world believes this, and hope within a short time it all happens..