Monday, March 9, 2009

Fresh Garden Salad

I don't know why my fingers start to get itchy as soon as I watch a really good movie(tv show) or a really bad one. Now, this itch started as soon as I saw the Filmfare awards 2009 on Sony E TV. The scale with which the show was done, all the grandeur, the lighting and of course, the stars , You had only one word: WOW!! This time around the compering was done by IK and RK ( you guys know it and if not, figure it out) who had nothing else on mind than to make a mockery of Dostana and all the Gay theme. Amidst all these, awards were being dished out one after another, most of them were deserving ones. But I was a bit disappointed to see
"A Wednesday" making it to only the nominations part and not even winning a single award. That's too sad, given that it was one of the most brilliant movie of the year and had 2 pillars (out of the 3) of Bollywood cinema , Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah. But Om Puri deservedly won a lifetime achievement award(He is the 3rd pillar of bollywood). All in all a mixture of happiness and disappointment.
I had more to write, but feeling sleepy, So I guess that's it for this post. ( I seem to be getting into the habit of having bad endings to my post) and I seriously don't know why I came up with such a wierd title.


aerogramme said...

ummm really, bit confused abt ur post and title.i read twice, ok nothing changed.Anyhow A WEDNESDAY is really great movei. u made the same finish. hope u come up with nice finish.

ok ok good night

abhinaya said...

what if the title didnt make sense ... what's in a name?.... the post was good though... even i thought the compering was one of the worst in filmfare history... they were just trying to catch up with srk n sak.