Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Greatness, as per my knowledge doesn't come from the success you achieve when you have to. It comes when you achieve when no one thinks you can do it, Not even you!!!
That's the philosophical part of it. Coming to the real world, This very term Greatness can be attributed to Australia in every aspect of their game of Cricket. All the talk about the end of the dominance, end of an era, a new leader, slipping down were a few titles attributed to the fading Australian team. India beating them 2-0 at home, South Africa trouncing them 2-0 at their own backyard. Most of them thought, it was all over. But, here comes the exact place where you attach greatness . Aussies have come back and in a grand style. So awesome man...so very awesome. From being written out as losers even before the series began, to being the winners. Read the article: http://content.cricinfo.com/rsavaus2009/content/current/story/394689.html
It gives you a fair idea of what I am talking (or writing about) . Contrary to the belief that the era of Ponting is over, It has just started. Just when you think it all done and dusted for Aussies and either South Africa or India will take over the mantle of No:1, they bounce back and bounce back like never. Well, Greatness in all it's glory for you.
I hope, the Aussies continue to pick up from here on, 'coz, it's going to be an interesting battle with India and South Africa getting stronger by the day, we will get to see a three pronged war.

Go Aussies!!!

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aerogramme said...

total greatness. Ponting or any cricketer may lose fitness more is match but its never abot a game.
with respect Ponting, its all created by australia media. He is a great player in world cricket.