Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pieces of Me... U2

Was "Youtubing" the other day and came across one of my most favorite songs ...Which I had heard a long time ago and then forgot completely about it. The beauty of such songs is that, no matter how many times you listen to it, It keeps growing on you and you like it even more than the last time you had heard it.

Now, Coming to the specific reasons of why I like this song so much:
1. Ashley Simpson. ( I am awestruck by her beauty)
2. The Lyrics of the song.

Now, If that was something ... The next video is equally mind blowing , if not better. This is U2 at its best. For a change, forget the lyrics and the song. Just listen to the strings and drums. I bet you would never have heard anything like that. No surprises that U2 is one of THE best bands. If you listen to the first 2 minutes of the song, you'll get an idea of what I am speaking about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Days of my Life

Which was best period of my life?
I do ask this question sometimes to myself. Then, I sit down thinking on it for half an hour or so. The thought process (almost always) goes something like this..
Primary school days: Man..those were the days..we had no burden on our shoulders, get up in the morning,go to school...have fun...come back home, again have fun, do some homework..sleep..that was just about it. Nothing else. We used to make friends with all of our classmates with no bad intentions. You could go ahead and speak with any girl in your school. No one would notice. After all, she was just a friend . To sum it up, It was an age of innocence. So wonderful.
So, was it the best period? Read on.

High School days:Now this period of our life is a jumble. Should we start preparing for our 10th std exams right from the word go? I happened to go to a boys high school. So all we did in school, was to fight(I hardly fought),play cricket, a bit extra hours of study, play @ home...even though the stress levels had increased a wee bit, all in all, it was an enjoyable period. It was an age where we would know a lot of real world stuff .
Now, It's getting harder. Which one? Which one was better?

PUC/Intermediate/11th and 12 std
: Call it whatever you like, but the pressure was intense. Almost any grown up you meet would say: "Son, This is the most important stage of your life. It's the make or break period. So study!!!" . Man, I was tired of this. I tried to study though. Put in more effort than before. But, couldn't control the temptation of the new found freedom of roaming around places, going to theaters to watch movies. In the end, had to study more than play/relax. This was a nice stage of my life. But not as good as the earlier 2, coz, I ended up getting an abysmal score in my entrance exam. But this was the age where boys would grow up to men.

Graduation: Now, Almost all of my friends would agree that this should be the best stage of our lifes. I know, Even, I felt the same thing as I came out of my College into the so-called real world. We enjoyed to the MAX. Having your own group of friends, eating out, movies, college fests,trips...internals, exams, name it. Each part of it was fun. Something that is difficult to forget for a long long long time. But for me, all of them were best in their own sweet way. I guess most of us would say that our graduate days were better because, it's the most recent one we have crossed in our lives and is still fresh in our memory. It would take some time to forget it.

Job: I know, this should not feature in here. But, trust me, It's also one of those memorable parts. You have all the money you want and freedom to do anything with it. I realised it's value only when I started doing my Masters.

All in all, every moment of our life is cherishable. Something that we should remember it forever and ever. My point is, We only seem to realise it's value once we've done it. Instead of going back down the memory lane, I guess we should enjoy every part of our current life. That's the way we can build up even better life.
Alright, enough of this preachy stuff. But everything that I wrote in here was straight from my heart and a snapshot of my life.

Cheers & Enjoy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Greatness, as per my knowledge doesn't come from the success you achieve when you have to. It comes when you achieve when no one thinks you can do it, Not even you!!!
That's the philosophical part of it. Coming to the real world, This very term Greatness can be attributed to Australia in every aspect of their game of Cricket. All the talk about the end of the dominance, end of an era, a new leader, slipping down were a few titles attributed to the fading Australian team. India beating them 2-0 at home, South Africa trouncing them 2-0 at their own backyard. Most of them thought, it was all over. But, here comes the exact place where you attach greatness . Aussies have come back and in a grand style. So awesome very awesome. From being written out as losers even before the series began, to being the winners. Read the article:
It gives you a fair idea of what I am talking (or writing about) . Contrary to the belief that the era of Ponting is over, It has just started. Just when you think it all done and dusted for Aussies and either South Africa or India will take over the mantle of No:1, they bounce back and bounce back like never. Well, Greatness in all it's glory for you.
I hope, the Aussies continue to pick up from here on, 'coz, it's going to be an interesting battle with India and South Africa getting stronger by the day, we will get to see a three pronged war.

Go Aussies!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fresh Garden Salad

I don't know why my fingers start to get itchy as soon as I watch a really good movie(tv show) or a really bad one. Now, this itch started as soon as I saw the Filmfare awards 2009 on Sony E TV. The scale with which the show was done, all the grandeur, the lighting and of course, the stars , You had only one word: WOW!! This time around the compering was done by IK and RK ( you guys know it and if not, figure it out) who had nothing else on mind than to make a mockery of Dostana and all the Gay theme. Amidst all these, awards were being dished out one after another, most of them were deserving ones. But I was a bit disappointed to see
"A Wednesday" making it to only the nominations part and not even winning a single award. That's too sad, given that it was one of the most brilliant movie of the year and had 2 pillars (out of the 3) of Bollywood cinema , Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah. But Om Puri deservedly won a lifetime achievement award(He is the 3rd pillar of bollywood). All in all a mixture of happiness and disappointment.
I had more to write, but feeling sleepy, So I guess that's it for this post. ( I seem to be getting into the habit of having bad endings to my post) and I seriously don't know why I came up with such a wierd title.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A sad day for sports :(

I say sports (and not cricket) because, sports was considered to be a healer between two warring nations, people and democracies. You could see people enjoying, sitting together whenever India and Pakistan played and everyone had only one motive. To enjoy the game in its truest of spirits. And now, with the game itself being attacked by some mindless idiots, Where does this lead to ?? What does this mean? Taking the classic case of Pakistan. It had been 14 months since they had played a test on home soil. And Sri Lanka had agreed to play. Expectations were high, people finally had chance to watch their most favorite game. With these terrorist attacks, Nations will stop sending their sports team to Pak . This leads to Pak being isolated and eventually most of us might even forget that a Pak cricket team existed. Pretty sad for a nation which has so many cricketing heroes.
There must be some solution to this. These horrific killings need to be stopped.
How? When? Who? We can't keep waiting for things to recover, We have to move forward and stop this. I don't know how this can be done, but will certainly think in that direction.