Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Days of my Life

Which was best period of my life?
I do ask this question sometimes to myself. Then, I sit down thinking on it for half an hour or so. The thought process (almost always) goes something like this..
Primary school days: Man..those were the days..we had no burden on our shoulders, get up in the morning,go to school...have fun...come back home, again have fun, do some homework..sleep..that was just about it. Nothing else. We used to make friends with all of our classmates with no bad intentions. You could go ahead and speak with any girl in your school. No one would notice. After all, she was just a friend . To sum it up, It was an age of innocence. So wonderful.
So, was it the best period? Read on.

High School days:Now this period of our life is a jumble. Should we start preparing for our 10th std exams right from the word go? I happened to go to a boys high school. So all we did in school, was to fight(I hardly fought),play cricket, a bit extra hours of study, play @ home...even though the stress levels had increased a wee bit, all in all, it was an enjoyable period. It was an age where we would know a lot of real world stuff .
Now, It's getting harder. Which one? Which one was better?

PUC/Intermediate/11th and 12 std
: Call it whatever you like, but the pressure was intense. Almost any grown up you meet would say: "Son, This is the most important stage of your life. It's the make or break period. So study!!!" . Man, I was tired of this. I tried to study though. Put in more effort than before. But, couldn't control the temptation of the new found freedom of roaming around places, going to theaters to watch movies. In the end, had to study more than play/relax. This was a nice stage of my life. But not as good as the earlier 2, coz, I ended up getting an abysmal score in my entrance exam. But this was the age where boys would grow up to men.

Graduation: Now, Almost all of my friends would agree that this should be the best stage of our lifes. I know, Even, I felt the same thing as I came out of my College into the so-called real world. We enjoyed to the MAX. Having your own group of friends, eating out, movies, college fests,trips...internals, exams,GIRLS...you name it. Each part of it was fun. Something that is difficult to forget for a long long long time. But for me, all of them were best in their own sweet way. I guess most of us would say that our graduate days were better because, it's the most recent one we have crossed in our lives and is still fresh in our memory. It would take some time to forget it.

Job: I know, this should not feature in here. But, trust me, It's also one of those memorable parts. You have all the money you want and freedom to do anything with it. I realised it's value only when I started doing my Masters.

All in all, every moment of our life is cherishable. Something that we should remember it forever and ever. My point is, We only seem to realise it's value once we've done it. Instead of going back down the memory lane, I guess we should enjoy every part of our current life. That's the way we can build up even better life.
Alright, enough of this preachy stuff. But everything that I wrote in here was straight from my heart and a snapshot of my life.

Cheers & Enjoy


aerogramme said...

Hi Mr.Abhi,

Very cute post, i rememberd all of my memories after reading the post, for this i am very thankfull for you. Really those moments are best snapshots of life.

abhinaya said...

hi anna... very very sweet post..
a good walk down the memory lane.
and for a change a good ending to the post too

Addicted to the Disturbed State said...

Mine just goes randomly to my best memories... But I feel the best is yet to come. Whatever was in the past is anyway over. I'd not change it, good or bad, 'cause it made me who I am. But the days which are here now and which will come, they pull me forth...