Saturday, April 24, 2010

" "

I guess the title should tell what's going on in my mind as I decide to dust off the rust that has been accumulating in this blog space of mine. I know I'm not a good enough writer to keep churning out posts every other day. But there's something that drives me to pen a few lines (or rather, type), once in a blue moon. Although there are many things that I could start writing on, like IPL on the field,off the field, Sachin - the ageless wonder, and many such things. But already there's enough of it , so I decide to abstain from such things for now.
What has been occupying me lately is books. Yes, I have been reading all kinds of books. To begin with, I just finished one called: "Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman". He's an eccentric genius. One who people think is arrogant, but actually is very practical and simple. The book is hilarious to say the least and I definitely would recommend everyone to read it. Books have that charm to attract me. I don't really know what's in them. But more often than not , I tend to read. I just wish I had this interest in reading all the text books :)
Nothing else is coming out of my mind to type in...this I think, justifies the title.
Adios! Chau!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few moments!!

It's been my long pending aim to write a blog during the official working hours, sitting in my cube. Somehow, I was unable to find the right post, or time to write it. But,I have finally managed to squeeze in sometime to write my post at the fag end of a long working day ! Yay!!! Boy, what a vacation! 11 days of pure bliss and to top it off..It was with family..uncle,aunt and 3 cutest cousins on the whole planet as well as pandora ! During my ride back to the Airport after the trip, my uncle asked a question. Which was the best part of the trip. Each one of us had an answer right away. Fireworks, 4D shows,cruise, golf cart drives etc etc...I had mentioned two, the first one being the unpretentious, uncontrolled laughter of Dachu(Darshana). I have never enjoyed so much as to watch a little girl laugh.It was so pure ... right from the heart. Another one was the Free fall ride which we had been to in Lego Land. Altough, it was a tiny ride for me..for my 5 year old cousins, it was pretty big. Appu (Arpana) was sitting beside me during that ride...each time we came down fast, there was a big scream followed by laughter from her...That my friends ..was really really awesome. For these two moments, You can call them as priceless. Nothing..not even trillion dollars can match the worth for these two. This was my third trip in three years during the same time.Each one has been and have had some memorable moments. I did the mistake of not writing the best moments of the last two trips which have slowly drifted away from my memory and alive in pictures.
That's all ...a small post but pretty much covers the joy of spending time with people you love / people who love you