Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Someone named Sachin.

A billion dreams have come true. One of the best days of this current generation of Cricket Maniacs. Now that we've won the world cup, how should we feel? What should we do? How should we celebrate?Maybe, we can ask the Aussies as to how they celebrated after their triumphs.
Sachin ...the master..One of the driving force for the team to win the cup. As fans, we might not realize his contributions beyond the field. He bat's like..well..No comparisions..Sachin..He fields like a young boy..motivates players..but behind the scenes, in the background, it's like having two coaches. Gary & Sachin..both started playing around the sametime..so both know almost everything that one can about the pressures. Any young player would love to have someone guiding him during his initial playing days.. The likes of Yuvraj, Sehwag, Gambhir,Kohli, Raina, Dhoni all grew up wanting to be the next Sachin..Imagine how it must feel when you are playing next to the person you are dreaming of becoming in the coming years!
No controversies, No Scandals..A good human being..well..The best sportsperson that any sport desires to have. The character, the determination, the hunger, the drive , the leadership role, the mentor...
I have plenty of things coming to my mind to write..but all of this you already know. I'm fearing about the day the Master hangs his bat up. I don't even want to think about it. For a guy, whose first match that I can remember was a young Sachin thumping Aussies all around the park and to see a team without Sachin is unfathomable. I cannot , should not and would not even dare to dream about it..How on earth are we going to live on without Sachin? I don't know..I'm not interested in finding it out either.. I hope Sachin plays the 2019 world cup as well.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

" "

I guess the title should tell what's going on in my mind as I decide to dust off the rust that has been accumulating in this blog space of mine. I know I'm not a good enough writer to keep churning out posts every other day. But there's something that drives me to pen a few lines (or rather, type), once in a blue moon. Although there are many things that I could start writing on, like IPL on the field,off the field, Sachin - the ageless wonder, and many such things. But already there's enough of it , so I decide to abstain from such things for now.
What has been occupying me lately is books. Yes, I have been reading all kinds of books. To begin with, I just finished one called: "Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman". He's an eccentric genius. One who people think is arrogant, but actually is very practical and simple. The book is hilarious to say the least and I definitely would recommend everyone to read it. Books have that charm to attract me. I don't really know what's in them. But more often than not , I tend to read. I just wish I had this interest in reading all the text books :)
Nothing else is coming out of my mind to type in...this I think, justifies the title.
Adios! Chau!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few moments!!

It's been my long pending aim to write a blog during the official working hours, sitting in my cube. Somehow, I was unable to find the right post, or time to write it. But,I have finally managed to squeeze in sometime to write my post at the fag end of a long working day ! Yay!!! Boy, what a vacation! 11 days of pure bliss and to top it off..It was with family..uncle,aunt and 3 cutest cousins on the whole planet as well as pandora ! During my ride back to the Airport after the trip, my uncle asked a question. Which was the best part of the trip. Each one of us had an answer right away. Fireworks, 4D shows,cruise, golf cart drives etc etc...I had mentioned two, the first one being the unpretentious, uncontrolled laughter of Dachu(Darshana). I have never enjoyed so much as to watch a little girl laugh.It was so pure ... right from the heart. Another one was the Free fall ride which we had been to in Lego Land. Altough, it was a tiny ride for me..for my 5 year old cousins, it was pretty big. Appu (Arpana) was sitting beside me during that ride...each time we came down fast, there was a big scream followed by laughter from her...That my friends ..was really really awesome. For these two moments, You can call them as priceless. Nothing..not even trillion dollars can match the worth for these two. This was my third trip in three years during the same time.Each one has been and have had some memorable moments. I did the mistake of not writing the best moments of the last two trips which have slowly drifted away from my memory and alive in pictures.
That's all ...a small post but pretty much covers the joy of spending time with people you love / people who love you

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kaminey :D


just admire the power of the word WOW....tells everything isn't it?
That one was for Kaminey (new hindi movie) ...Everything about the movie is awesome.I know that , in my previous posts, I've made some similiar comments about some other movies. But, believe me. This one's totally different. It's not a regular, run off the mill, mushy/romantic/dishum-dishum kinda movie. You've got to appreciate the way the movie's made. Every single scene in the movie has something connected to the previous scene and will lead to something in the next scene. It's that engrossing. This one will leave you totally breathless.

I'm not telling anything about the story or anything about the plot . This post is entirely dedicated to the genius of Vishal Bharadwaj.

Take any normal hindi (or any Indian movie) : You are shown the way to the core of the plot for a movie. You are lead to believe that , something has happened or will happen. You will expect some kind of leads and hints and clues that makes you say: "Oh, ok..that makes sense, that's the reason, he's doing that". But,here, don't expect any such thing. The director wants you to get involved in every inch of the movie. He want's you to see as if you are standing on the road and watching two people (or a bunch of people) fight it out. It's that natural. The camera work is amazing. Normally, the camera remains fixed at a point, and you watch the scene from that fixed point. Here, the camera moves along with the characters. I believe there's a reason for doing that. The guys who made the movie, want you to get to know the people, the story and everything else, by just watching what the characters are doing, what they speak and how they do it.

I want to stop right there.. I want to leave on an unfinished note, so that anyone reading this, will get curious and watch "Kaminey".

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few words

Jokes apart, Pardon me for the long hiatus .

I have been thinking for years now, trying to come to terms with myself, like , I always wanted to understand what I am and have always failed to come to a conclusion on that. That's why you can see on my orkut profile in the About me column.. It says: ask my friends. It's quite suggestive, isn't it? Why do you have to ask someone else about me? Am I not the right person to tell about myself? And If I don't have a clue about my own self, then how come others will have an Idea about me? Well, these are exactly the same questions that have been running through my mind for quite a few years now and it's only now, that I seem to know or at least realized what to write on that .
Well... Here it goes then:

I presume ( should say assume !) that most of my friends who have been quite close to me or have atleast spoken to me agree that I do not make a very good first impression. I kind of come across as a shy ( reserved, unapproachable, unfriendly..can't exactly pin down the word though) guy who's not that open and doesn't easily gel with others. But as the days move along, people tend to like me and get along well with me. That's the way I am, I don't know why and don't ask me why, but I seem to have this habit of holding myself back before approaching anyone for a friendship . I have tried to overcome this habit of mine, but unfortunately haven't been able to do so. But believe me, I am not the same person as you see me first. I am quite the opposite. I tend to do things for the other person more than me, like for example: If my friend needs something from me, I do it for him even if I don't like to do it. Again, I don't know why, but it's been my tendency to do things like that.

Ah!!! Finally...I have something that I can put up in the about me section :) Nice!!!
I know..some (or most of you ) might feel this to be kind of self accolades...I have put down what exactly I had on my mind..no letter missing in that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pieces of Me... U2

Was "Youtubing" the other day and came across one of my most favorite songs ...Which I had heard a long time ago and then forgot completely about it. The beauty of such songs is that, no matter how many times you listen to it, It keeps growing on you and you like it even more than the last time you had heard it.

Now, Coming to the specific reasons of why I like this song so much:
1. Ashley Simpson. ( I am awestruck by her beauty)
2. The Lyrics of the song.

Now, If that was something ... The next video is equally mind blowing , if not better. This is U2 at its best. For a change, forget the lyrics and the song. Just listen to the strings and drums. I bet you would never have heard anything like that. No surprises that U2 is one of THE best bands. If you listen to the first 2 minutes of the song, you'll get an idea of what I am speaking about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009