Monday, June 8, 2009

A few words

Jokes apart, Pardon me for the long hiatus .

I have been thinking for years now, trying to come to terms with myself, like , I always wanted to understand what I am and have always failed to come to a conclusion on that. That's why you can see on my orkut profile in the About me column.. It says: ask my friends. It's quite suggestive, isn't it? Why do you have to ask someone else about me? Am I not the right person to tell about myself? And If I don't have a clue about my own self, then how come others will have an Idea about me? Well, these are exactly the same questions that have been running through my mind for quite a few years now and it's only now, that I seem to know or at least realized what to write on that .
Well... Here it goes then:

I presume ( should say assume !) that most of my friends who have been quite close to me or have atleast spoken to me agree that I do not make a very good first impression. I kind of come across as a shy ( reserved, unapproachable, unfriendly..can't exactly pin down the word though) guy who's not that open and doesn't easily gel with others. But as the days move along, people tend to like me and get along well with me. That's the way I am, I don't know why and don't ask me why, but I seem to have this habit of holding myself back before approaching anyone for a friendship . I have tried to overcome this habit of mine, but unfortunately haven't been able to do so. But believe me, I am not the same person as you see me first. I am quite the opposite. I tend to do things for the other person more than me, like for example: If my friend needs something from me, I do it for him even if I don't like to do it. Again, I don't know why, but it's been my tendency to do things like that.

Ah!!! Finally...I have something that I can put up in the about me section :) Nice!!!
I know..some (or most of you ) might feel this to be kind of self accolades...I have put down what exactly I had on my letter missing in that.


$hekar said...

I guess I act the same way ...but I found the answer by myself.. I observe and analyze the things around me before I act. so its the same thing with people.. I observe them.. analyze their way of talking and way of behavior with me and doesn't start a healthy conversation until i make the first impression about them.. so i think it may be the same thing with you :)

abhinaya said...

hi anna... super post.. i am glad that u cud finally figure out what u really are!!!but when u had written "ask my friends" in your orkut profile i completely agreed with it cos i think friends are the one s who make u realize what u really are!!!

aerogramme said...

Nicely Scripted !