Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kaminey :D


just admire the power of the word WOW....tells everything isn't it?
That one was for Kaminey (new hindi movie) ...Everything about the movie is awesome.I know that , in my previous posts, I've made some similiar comments about some other movies. But, believe me. This one's totally different. It's not a regular, run off the mill, mushy/romantic/dishum-dishum kinda movie. You've got to appreciate the way the movie's made. Every single scene in the movie has something connected to the previous scene and will lead to something in the next scene. It's that engrossing. This one will leave you totally breathless.

I'm not telling anything about the story or anything about the plot . This post is entirely dedicated to the genius of Vishal Bharadwaj.

Take any normal hindi (or any Indian movie) : You are shown the way to the core of the plot for a movie. You are lead to believe that , something has happened or will happen. You will expect some kind of leads and hints and clues that makes you say: "Oh, ok..that makes sense, that's the reason, he's doing that". But,here, don't expect any such thing. The director wants you to get involved in every inch of the movie. He want's you to see as if you are standing on the road and watching two people (or a bunch of people) fight it out. It's that natural. The camera work is amazing. Normally, the camera remains fixed at a point, and you watch the scene from that fixed point. Here, the camera moves along with the characters. I believe there's a reason for doing that. The guys who made the movie, want you to get to know the people, the story and everything else, by just watching what the characters are doing, what they speak and how they do it.

I want to stop right there.. I want to leave on an unfinished note, so that anyone reading this, will get curious and watch "Kaminey".

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