Saturday, April 24, 2010

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I guess the title should tell what's going on in my mind as I decide to dust off the rust that has been accumulating in this blog space of mine. I know I'm not a good enough writer to keep churning out posts every other day. But there's something that drives me to pen a few lines (or rather, type), once in a blue moon. Although there are many things that I could start writing on, like IPL on the field,off the field, Sachin - the ageless wonder, and many such things. But already there's enough of it , so I decide to abstain from such things for now.
What has been occupying me lately is books. Yes, I have been reading all kinds of books. To begin with, I just finished one called: "Surely You're Joking Mr.Feynman". He's an eccentric genius. One who people think is arrogant, but actually is very practical and simple. The book is hilarious to say the least and I definitely would recommend everyone to read it. Books have that charm to attract me. I don't really know what's in them. But more often than not , I tend to read. I just wish I had this interest in reading all the text books :)
Nothing else is coming out of my mind to type in...this I think, justifies the title.
Adios! Chau!

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