Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uncertain Time ...Uncertain Feeling

The world is coming to a grinding halt. Millions and Millions of people losing jobs, getting homeless having to take care of family ,salaries being cut down (Except cricketers in IPL) .Where are we headed to?? Yesterday, even Yash Raj Productions announced job cuts. I mean, is the market that bad , even for the movie tycoons? During all these chaos, Here I sit in One corner of a Room ,filled with nothing but Hope. Hope that I get a job, Hope that I will be able to get through these tough times, Hope all the problems end and the economy of the world gets better, Hope people get back their jobs, Hope that we go back to the good old days of cases where companies had hard time finding people to hire. As they say, HOPE IS WHAT KEEPS A MAN ALIVE.

Don't lose hope!!!


Addicted to the Disturbed State said...

yep, coz when you lose hope, you lose everything... the world becomes pointless. But when there is hope, one looks forward to waking up each day.. Keep the faith, bro. Things will turn better soon

Abhi said...

Yup...That's the string I'm attached to right now: Hope

aerogramme said...

ya, exactly..
what we do more, then a hope!
i thing this period stays still 2 more years, in 2009 it may reach highest points..
any how all the best,
have all great days ahead..