Monday, August 4, 2008

Joker In the Pack

In case if you are wondering if I am the Joker in the pack, you are wrong.I am not and you will know why did I choose this title for my 3rd blog. I know, I haven't been writing much for you to call me a blogger and I am not sure if I can be called an avid reader because I have seen people read many many books, be it novels or textbooks. I do love reading books,but if that was the case, I would have performed better in my academics by reading my textbooks:-) .Yes, I would certainly have faired well if all the information in these textbooks were fictional because I love reading fictional books. I have read a lot of them and these books continue to fascinate me. This blog is about some of these books which I got to read out of boredom rather than intent. I am speaking about the books which have been selling in the market like hot samosas and more and more people are writing such stuff which makes me worried that it might lead this to saturation. All right, I dont want you to keep guessing what is that genre of book which is making me to write an entire blog about it. Five point someone,One night at call centre,Anything for you Ma'am, Joker in the pack ( yes, this is where I got my title for this blog) ....I think you know what is the genre of the book my blog is about....
All these books are fictional or rather contain fictional characters woven around a story which seems too real that we feel each time we read a line.. Yes, I have gone through this. First one out was, "Five point someone" which to this day remains my favorite in this genre and will always be. It was cleverly written with the backdrop of IIT . More than the storyline, it was the way in which it was written drove to me reading more such books. Each line I read had some connection to the events in my college days .No, I am not an IITan by any stretch of imagination, and one doesn't have to be an IITan to find some uncanny resemblance to the events written in this book. I finished reading it and was awestruck by the writing skills of Chetan Bhagath. Then came his another work which was half as good as his previous one, which relates to a few guys working in the call centre. This failed to impress me (probably because I have never been in a Call center environment ) but the ending of this book was way way too fictional for me to love it. But the most recent one was "A joker in the pack". This is about the life of a guy from another premier institute IIM. This again goes around a guy who enters the College with loads of aspirations
(wish i had them too) and its the same thing here...All of it is about a guy who is not fit to be in such an environment in the first place, but somehow makes it at the end with flying colors.Another one off the shelf was "Anything for you Ma'am" . Although it is not about a students life , the characters are students and the story is entirely based on love between a guy and a girl who happen to meet by chance...For most part of these books, they seem to go in plain yet so realistically true, that It amazes me....where in the world do they get the ideas from.Apart from "Five point someone", the rest of the lot seem to end in a plain and rather boring way to my liking. By reading all these books, my hand has been itching quite a lot to take a pen and start writing a book ..but what is the use, even my blogs seem to end rather pathetically as the authors of the above mentioned books and most important thing is I do not want to be a "Joker in the pack" by writing another book of the same kind.

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Addicted to the Disturbed State said...

hey, you could have a great story. Just write all about how you started from here, the abteilung trips, 'wildlife' girl, las vegas. etc... see, you already have tons to work on! its ok, its ok, yu0o don't have to thank me here.. Just dedicate the book to me ;)