Thursday, July 31, 2008

Land of Dreams???Duh!!!

It all started on Dec 12th 2005 at 1:30 PM...This was the time i completed my GRE exam and got to know my score(lets not reveal it)....this was the day my dream of going to USA pretty much materialized...and then the planning on where to go....when to go, went on for almost a year and a half until it was finalized on June 7th ...when the Blond guy at the US visa consulate behind a glass counter hit the approved seal on my passport confirming that i am going to USA just for studying and nothing else. From that day on...till the moment that I landed in El Paso International airport i had been dreaming of all those high rise so called skyscrapers which appear to bore a hole in the low lying clouds...and dreaming that i will be living in one of these places where the view from my room in which i would be spending the rest of my days while doing my Masters would be filled with these skyscrapers.
All of these things vanished into thin air on looking up through the window of the airplane (which was smaller than the Indian buses and had seats that were upright with zero degree tilt.For once I missed the Volvo buses that were screeching and screaming through the busy Bangalore roads).All the buildings(yes...all of them) were at best 2 storey tall,not an inch more than jaws dropped,I asked myself..Where am i???(In a tiny village in a remote area in India?).This was too hard to be true,all i could see was acres and acres of plain land with some houses scattered here and there.
This is not USA...or is it????All my dreams of skyscrapers crash landed the moment i landed in USA....And the view I got from my apartment was of plain mountains which appeared to drill a hole through the low lying clouds .I will be continuing this....after some time though..

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